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Fire Warden - City & Guilds

This course covers all roles of a Fire Warden, including causes of fire in the workplace, fire control methods and risk assessment. 


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Course Details

Product number: CG_FIRE|1326

This course provides delegates with the necessary knowledge and understanding required to competently undertake the role of fire warden / fire marshal in the event of an emergency in order to manage fire risk and aid safe evacuation.

  • Fire safety legislation and regulations
  • Statistics - workplace injuries and incidents
  • The characteristics of fire, fire spread and common causes
  • Health effects of extreme heat and smoke exposure
  • Fire risk assessment and control methods
  • Portable firefighting equipment and fixed detection systems
  • Principles of fire safety - alarm, evacuation and escape plan
  • Duties of the fire warden in a fire emergency
  • Theory test


Those wanting to undertake specific fire safety roles (fire wardens/ marshals or similar) and who have a designated responsibility for workplace fire safety.

Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a City & Guilds Fire Warden certificate.

All certification is subject to the City & Guilds Quality assurance procedure. if you require a certificate of attendance in the interim please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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