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Supervisory Skills for Team Leaders

Training in assertiveness and how to earn respect for those in newly appointed in leadership roles. 


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Product number: SUP_SKL_TL|SW10308

This dynamic course aims to show delegates how to assert themselves as team leaders and quickly earn the respect of their team. It will also try to provide a structure that will help the delegate to find continuous success.

The course aims to provide delegates with initial guidelines for team leadership and show how to avoid problems associated with running a team. This training examines the five key skills that will help delegates to achieve greater results in team leadership. Delegates will be offered a solid understanding of what makes effective management as well as learn the difference between management and leadership and how the two can work in harmony.

This course covers the following:

What is Leadership?
  • How to make an effective transition between team member and team leader
  • The three critical factors of team leadership success
  • How to identify, develop and improve your own leadership style

Influential Leadership
  • The impact of different leadership styles
  • The purpose of leadership and the key result areas
  • How to use visual assertiveness, vocal assertiveness and verbal assertiveness

Managing People and Resources
  • Fayol’s Wheel, forecasting, planning, organising, motivating, co-ordinating
  • Personal organisation – making the time

  • Different communication behaviours
  • Feedback techniques to build rapport and improve performance
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to maximise the impact of 1 to 1 meetings

Developing Powerful Motivation Strategies
  • Understanding the motivators and de-motivators – the “hygiene factors”
  • How to turn motivation theory into practical everyday applications that work
  • The value of non-cash rewards

Building High Performance Teams
  • Addressing the task, the team, the individual
  • Understanding the effect of individual behaviours on the dynamics of your team
  • How to work effectively with team members who work remotely
  • How to monitor and control performance, and act on non-performance

Making Team Decisions
  • How to run an effective meeting to inform, educate and motivate your team
  • Holding meetings to discuss actions and gain team consensus

Exercises and Case Studies
  • Total confusion
  • Adrift in the Atlantic
  • Return to work action plan


This is a 1 day course and runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm.
This course runs from a dedicated Central London venue and is also available online.
This course can also be run on your company site.
This course is suitable for delegates who are newly appointed in a leadership role, due to be appointed in a leadership role soon or those in their first year of management, supervisory or team leadership position.
Upon successful completion of the course delegates will receive the following:

  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • Follow up programme notes
  • Post programme access to additional materials
  • Unlimited post programme access to your Course Leader
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