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Successful Telephone Sales

Training course in overcoming obstacles to ensure successful telephone selling and appointment setting.  


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Product number: TEL_CALLS|SW10308

The pressure on finding new customers is relentless and outbound calling is now a significant part of the sales plan. As voicemail is adopted by so many organisations, it becomes increasingly difficult to get through to the decision maker. This practical course aims to help delegates overcome these obstacles and provide you with all the essential techniques for successful telephone selling and appointment setting.

Delegates will be taught how to prepare for every call and how to maximise their results. We aim to show delegates how to increase their confidence and reduce the rejection factor. Delegates are provided techniques for cross selling and upselling on outbound and inbound calls. Delegates will also receive training in how to use the seven-touch strategy to dramatically improve their results.

This course covers the following:

The Telephone Sales Model
  • Build up an overall picture of what you currently do and what you should be doing
  • Adopt the behaviour that will automatically improve your performance
  • How is an appointment or sale made? What will influence a “Yes” decision?
  • How to work with decision makers and influencers and how to utilise other media

Qualify the Call
  • Learn how to ask questions to ascertain if the receiver is a true prospect for your company

Getting Past the Gatekeeper
  • Deal with the increasingly common no-name policy
  • Understand how to use voicemail as an opportunity
  • Learn how to get through the two types of gatekeeper and through to the decision maker

Open and Gain Interest
  • How to plan your objective, prepare for and control the call
  • How to open your calls for maximum impact
  • How to take your conversation to the next stage and utilise the seven-touch approach

Features & Benefits
  • Recognising the difference and understanding the importance to each potential buyer
  • Understanding individual buyer motivation

Handle the Objections
  • Best practice answers that work in your own environment
  • How to respond to: “I haven’t got the time”, “Call back later”, “We are using someone else”, “We don’t have the budget”, “I’m not interested”, and “Just send me some information”

Close the Sale or Appointment
  • Being comfortable with closing
  • Strategies to identify buying signals and present the sale as the next logical next step

Cross Selling and Upselling
  • How to recognise opportunities to increase the value of the conversation.

Overcoming Call Reluctance
  • Some tips for remaining confident and how to keep upbeat when the going gets tough


This is a 1 day course and runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm.
This course runs from a dedicated Central London venue and is also available online.
This course can also be run on your company site.
This course is suitable for delegates who wish to develop their skills in telephone sales and appointment setting for both inbound and outbound calls. This course is appropriate for all levels of employee including those new to their role or more experiences staff looking to further develop their skills.
Upon successful completion of the course delegates will receive the following:

  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • Follow up programme notes
  • Post programme access to additional materials
  • Unlimited post programme access to your Course Leader
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