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Stumpgrinders - LANTRA Awards

LANTRA course with theory and practical training session and assessment covering the maintenance of Stumpgrinders, safety guidelines and appropriate techniques.


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Course Details

Product number: LANTRA_STUMP|3659

To provide delegates with the skills and knowledge required to safely operate and maintain stumpgrinders.  It is a hands-on course that delivers both practical skills and health & safety guidance.

  • Produce a site-specific risk assessment for stump grinding operations
  • State the principles of health and safety legislation and guidelines for using a stump grinder
  • Select the appropriate personal protective equipment and state the maintenance requirements
  • Carry out operator checks and identify the safety features of a stump grinder
  • Carry out routine operator maintenance
  • Inspect and identify defects on the grinding mechanism
  • Prepare machine prior to operation, start the machine, carry out safety checks and stop machine
  • Prepare a work area and a range of stumps for grinding and identify hazardous materials not to be ground
  • Use approved techniques for safe and efficient stump grinding of a range of stump sizes
  • State the procedure for removing blockages
  • Re-instate ground and deal with arising’s
  • Prepare machine for transport and storage


Any delegate either employed in, or looking to be employed in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping or grounds maintenance who is or will be required to operate stump-grinders.

Due to the nature of the training a minimum level of fitness will be required for specific operations.  Whilst we would not want to disadvantage you as a learner, it is an essential requirement.

Upon successful completion of the course delegates will receive a LANTRA accredited certificate. City & Guilds Registration can be arranged at additional cost. For the City & Guilds certificate an additional exam will need to be completed which will be arranged during the training. There will be an additional cost for this certificate.

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