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Occasional Industrial Climber

Course with practical training for workers who access towers, masts or similar using pre-installed fall arrest systems and use work positioning techniques to carry out work at height.


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Course Details

Product number: SPAN_MOD3W|SW10295

This course aims to enable delegates to carry out pre-use checks and use pre-installed access systems on masts, towers and similar structures as well as how to safely position themselves when working in these environments. 
  • Common features of permanently installed guided type fall arrest systems 
  • Potential dangers and bad practices when using guided type systems e.g. operative suspension, hoop ladder issues and fall back 
  • The limitations of Fall Arrest equipment and improving safety with respect to - reducing impact forces, fall distance and clearance requirements 
  • Gain an awareness of Work Positioning techniques and where to use these to increase safety over the use of Fall Arrest techniques 
  • Awareness of common equipment abuses and the selection of the appropriate equipment in order to avoid these
  • Rescue techniques and rescue equipment 
  • Awareness of hazards including dropped objects, exposure to environmental conditions
Practical application of the following equipment and systems: 

  •  Full Body Harness for Work Position and Fall Arrest
  •  Fall Arrest Blocks
  •  Permanently installed guided type fall arrest systems
  •  Temporary guided type fall arrest systems
  •  Double Fall Arrest Lanyards
  •  Work Position Lanyards

The above will include climbing a permanently installed access system on 25m structure. Delegates will also have the opportunity to use a temporary horizontal anchor-line system. 

Equipment covered during training 
  • Full Body Harnesses
  • Example anchor devices (Wire Strop, ATSL, HSL, etc)
  • Double Legged Fall Arrest Lanyards
  • Fall Arrest Blocks
  • Permanently Guided Typed Fall Arresters
  • Temporary Guided Type Fall Arresters - Work Position Lanyard and Harness
  • Rescue Demo Kit (SHARK)
Those who intend to access towers, masts, or similar structures using pre-installed fall arrest systems and use work positioning techniques to carry out work at height.

Course Entry Criteria
During training, delegates will be expected to carry out activities at a height in excess of 20m.

All delegates must be able to certify that they are physically fit and have no medical conditions that might prevent them working at height.

(A list of conditions that could affect practical training and work at height are available on request)
Delegates successfully completing the course will be awarded a Certificate of attendance and photo ID card valid for three years.
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