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NVQ Level 4 Diploma in Construction Site Supervision

An NVQ assessor will visit delegates on-site to assess your experience and ability on Construction Site Supervision, with the aim of qualifying for a CPCS Advanced Operator Card. 



Course Details

Product number: NVQ_LVL3_SS

To prove levels of competency required in Construction Site Supervision to apply for a Gold Advanced Operator CPCS card.

These NVQ’s allow delegates the opportunity to upgrade from the Red Trained Operator CPCS card, furthering their experience and acting as evidence of occupational competence. 

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  • Introduction to the qualification, usually taking place at an external centre – this will include explanations of the 14 mandatory units, paperwork for sign-up and registering with the awarding body.
  • Delegates will be provided with Knowledge Packs that they may complete in their own time; identifying the delegate’s current knowledge and skill set.
  • Following Completion of the Knowledge Packs, delegates will be required to identify and send relevant documentation regarding site, company and health & safety procedures to the assessor.  There will be workbooks to be completed relevant to the units identified on induction.
  • There will then be a collection of Witness Testimonies (from site Supervisor’s / Manager’s etc.) and Additional Evidence by the assessor.
  • Finally, a one-to-one Professional Discussion will take place between the assessor and the delegate.

Those who are working in a supervisory role within the construction industry, ideally having access to undertake the NVQ on their own site. 

This is suited to those individuals who do not want time away from their job / workplace.

After Assessment, the assessor will cross-match all evidence collected with the awarding body standards and sign-off the delegate, if all standards have been met.

IQA will quality check the delegate’s portfolio.

Delegates will then receive an achievement certification, which can be used to apply for the Gold Advanced Operator CPCS Card. 

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