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NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage

NVQ Level 2 Certificate covering skills needed to develop a career in warehousing.



Course Details

Product number: NVQ_L2_W&S

To provide recognition of the skills and knowledge, such as operating equipment and safety at work, processing orders, team leading and managing the receipt and despatch of goods, which are needed to work in or develop a career in warehousing.

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  • Introduction to the qualification, usually taking place at an external centre – this will include paperwork for sign-up and registering with the awarding body.
  • Delegates will be provided with Knowledge Packs that they may complete in their own time; identifying the delegate’s current knowledge and skill set.
  • Following Completion of the Knowledge Packs, the Practical Observation will begin. This will be on the learner’s site, and may include visits from your assessor who will observe you working and offer support. Delegates may also be asked to record observations on camera for review by the assessor, on practical elements such as pre-shift and operation checks on the machinery.
  • There will then be a collection of Witness Testimonies (from site Supervisor’s / Manager’s etc.) and Additional Evidence by the assessor.
  • Finally, a one-to-one Professional Discussion will take place between the assessor and the delegate.

Delegates must complete:

All of the Mandatory units in Group A, plus:
  • A minimum of TWO units from Group 1
  • A minimum of ONE unit from Group 2
  • A minimum of ONE unit from Group 3
  • A minimum of ONE unit from Group 4
  • A minimum of ONE unit from Group 5

Mandatory Units – complete all units (Group A)

  • K/502/1072 Health, Safety and Security at work
  • H/601/7919 Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations

Group 1 Optional Units (Minimum of 2 Units)

  • R/601/7916 Pick goods in logistics operations
  • Y/601/7917 Wrap and pack goods in logistics operations
  • T/601/7925 Place goods in storage in logistics operations
  • F/601/7930 Process orders for customers in logistics operations
  • J/601/7931 Assemble orders for dispatch in logistics operations

Group 2 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • M/601/7910 Maintain the cleanliness of equipment in logistics operations
  • F/601/7913 Keep work areas clean in logistics operations
  • L/601/7929 Maintain hygiene standards in handling and storing goods in logistics operations

Group 3 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • J/601/7914 Moving and/or handling goods in logistics operations
  • H/601/7922 Use equipment to move goods in logistics operations
  • A/601/8994 Use a forklift side-loader in logistics operations
  • M/601/8992 Use an industrial forklift truck in logistics operations
  • T/601/8993 Use a hoist in logistics operations
  • F/601/8995 Use a compact crane in logistics operations

Group 4 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • T/601/7911 Keep stock at required levels in logistics operations
  • D/601/7935 Check stock levels and stock records

Group 5 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • D/601/7921 Operate equipment to perform work requirements in logistics operations
  • K/601/7923 Receive goods in logistics operations
  • J/601/7928 Maintain the safety and security of hazardous goods and materials in logistics operations
  • L/601/7932 Process returned goods in logistics operations 2 R/601/7933 Sort goods and materials for recycling or disposal in logistics operations
  • Y/601/7934 Supervise the receipt, storage or dispatch of goods
  • Y/601/7920 Contribute to the provision of customer service in logistics operations
  • H/600/6578 Principles of food safety in logistics

The qualification is aimed at delegates currently working in the sector as, for example, a warehouse or storage operative, and also those who do not currently work in the industry but would like to gain some of the skills needed.

After Assessment, the assessor will cross-match all evidence collected with the awarding body standards and sign-off the delegate, if all standards have been met.

IQA will quality check the delegate’s portfolio.

Delegates will then receive an achievement certification from the awarding body.

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