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IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management E -Learning

This entry-level qualification covers the management of environmental management and how this links to global environmental issues and challenges. The course is run in an e-learning format and can be undertaken at a time and location convenient to you.


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Product number: IEMA_EM_E

The IEMA Foundation Certificate is an entry-level qualification. It’s designed for anyone looking to get more involved and make an impact on the environment and sustainability. It focuses on environmental management, so it’s perfect for those who are responsible for:

  • Collecting and collating data in an environmental or sustainability context
  • Completing routine checks on legislative measures or pollution prevention measures
  • Providing routine advice and information to others
  • Playing a supporting role in small scale projects and programmes.

Delegates will learn all about global environmental issues and the challenges they place on modern businesses. And delegates will also develop the management skills to make sure your business is resilient against growing climate change, weather, resource, energy, and regulatory threats.

Delegates will also get to grips with how to put in place a recognised environmental system, like ISO 14001. That way, delegates will be able to make better decisions and deliver direct efficiencies and improvements back at work.

This course is also available as face to face learning, to find out more please click here.
The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) benchmarks the IEMA Foundation Certificate at level 3. There are 7 modules which are covered:

  • Module 1: Core Environmental Principles : 1.1 The main natural cycles 1.2 Ecosystem services 1.3 Biodiversity and ecological stability 1.4 The impact of human intervention on natural cycles and ecological systems 1.5 Pollution sources, pathways and receptors 1.6 Climate change

  • Module 2: Sustainability and Mega-trends: 2.1 Mega-trends 2.2 Sustainable development and sustainability 2.3 Principles of sustainability business and corporate governance

  • Module 3: Policy and Legislation: 3.1 The key principles of environmental policy 3.2 Key environmental policy instruments 3.3 Background to environmental legislation 3.4 Examples of criminal law 3.5 Stakeholders and the role of regulators

  • Module 4: Environmental Management Systems: 4.1 Introduction to environmental management systems 4.2 Key elements of ISO 14001

  • Module 5: Performance Evaluation: 5.1 Data management 5.2 Monitoring performance 5.3 Environmental inspections and audits

  • Module 6: Additional Management and Assessment Tools: 6.1 Risk assessment 6.2 Environmental aspect assessment 6.3 Other assessment tools

  • Module 7: Communication and the Management of Change: 7.1 Communication 7.2 Corporate reporting 7.3 Green claims 7.4 Management of change
The IEMA Foundation Certificate is for anyone looking to make an impact in an environment or sustainability role. It focuses on environmental management so it’s perfect if you’re starting out, responsible for collecting and collating environmental or sustainability data through to providing routine checks on legislative or pollution prevention measures.
Delegates successfully completing the course will receive an IEMA Foundation Certificate.
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