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Product number: N/A|1491

To provide a variety of practical, flexible health and safety consultancy solutions.
With legislation continuously becoming more complex, companies have an increasing number of issues to resolve.
Whether we are employed solely to consult on health and safety or cross over into providing training services as well, we carry out a critical review at the start of each project.

Full Health & Safety Management Systems

HSS Training has expertise in designing comprehensive and integrated health and safety management systems, which have the capability to ‘flex’ with any company enlargement and/or diversification. In addition, we have experience at reviewing existing systems and identifying any shortcomings. We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm in providing pragmatic solutions to address any weaknesses. 

Petroleum Industry Expertise

We provide a range of specialist services - from direct consultancy for some of the largest oil companies through to diverse training activities unique to petroleum retail.

Petroleum Experience that goes beyond the standard

Working with our chosen partners, we have in-depth knowledge of the petroleum downstream industry, with more than 60 years' combined experience of the sector. This means we're well placed to provide a range of specialist services - from direct consultancy for some of the largest oil companies through to diverse training activities unique to petroleum retail.

The training courses we deliver nationwide include:

  • Fuel Delivery Competent Persons
  • Advanced Wet Stock
  • LPG and Petrol Station Site Operators
Additionally, we are the UK's leading provider of the Safety Passport Scheme for contractors working on petrol filling stations.
We carry out Health and Safety accreditations, audits and full consultancy services for a number of oil companies; plus offer a comprehensive, 'nurturing' service to the industry's supply chain, who need to achieve a high standard to take their place (or maintain their position) on approved lists.
We have helped develop the knowledge and systems of numerous contractors whose core work lies outside the petroleum sector; making them capable of accepting work within the sector, and performing to the highest standards.

Some of the pivotal aspects highlighted below can be commissioned as unique entities, or as part of a total review: 

Risk Assessments

Modern health and safety revolves around the ‘hazard’ generator - understanding precisely what risks are created and, more importantly, what has to be done to put things right if things are not. The risk assessments we undertake reflect the nature and complexity of the process; i.e. if it’s simple and safe, then so should the risk assessment be. We do not over-complicate things for the sake of it. 

Safety Method Statements

Subsequent to the risk assessment is the need to provide basic and clear instructions (as staff may not all be experienced). The Safety Method Statements we draw up take the operator through the process in a way that will ensure their health and safety (and for those around them, such as colleagues and the public). This is achieved by writing and explaining matters in a language and style that the workforce will understand. 

Small Policy Documentation

If there are certain aspects of your overall health and safety management system missing or out-of-date, then we can produce policy and procedure documentation (e.g. Lone Working, Hours of Work, Drugs and Alcohol, etc) in a way that integrates perfectly with existing documents and reflects your company vision and aims. This process is defined and initiated by an SMTS review visit.

Health & Safety audits and reviews

Many companies have excellent policies and procedures and/or processes; however, they are unsure about what actually happens at a site or location away from the confines and supervision of a head office. HSS Training specialises in site audits, and determines the degree and extent of site compliance. Typically, these identify a variety of areas for improvement, such as a lack of knowledge/awareness, which is often easily addressed through additional training.


We have designed accreditation processes for a number of clients that critically appraise the ability and appropriateness of supply chains to deliver their services in a safe way. These accreditations can easily be adapted for you and your supply chain, resulting in marked improvements in performance and attitude, and with little interaction on your part. We have evidence of how our accreditations have reduced incidents, whilst enhancing the culture and increasing numbers of near misses reported; enabling remedial actions to be taken prior to any accident. HSS Training already handles a number of clients’ accreditations, one of which has a supply chain of more than 300 companies.

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