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Stanley Interactive - Sales

This is a 1 day course with one of our in-house Stanley Interactive sales experts, giving you a strong grounding in the product, its features and how to sell to a client using the correct documentation.


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Course Details

Product number: STAN_INT_SALES|3624

To provide our sales team members and managers with the relevant product and sales specific information in order for them to be able to confidently sell the product to our customers



  • VOC Survey - 2018
  • Product Overview
  • Features/Differentiators
  • Video
  • Skybells (Doorbell)
  • Commercial
  • Packages
  • Resources and Tools

Sales people at all levels up to and including managerial. This could also serve as a refresher to sales people

Technicians wishing to understand more about the sales process


Must be nominated by line manager for this training

Must have completed the online training on the partner portal

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