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SP140 Telecoms Lanyard


Twin Loop Back Energy-Absorbing Lanyard 2m with Scaffold Hooks
High Performance Energy Absorbing Lanyard for workers from 80kg to 140kg
  • Independently tested by EU Notified Body with 140kg body mass
  • Clearance height data published for 80kg, 100kg, 120kg, 140kg
  • Clearance height calculation App available for smart phones
  • Compact Energy Absorbing Pack for ease of movement in confined environments
  • Steel Ring provides a “clip-back” point for lanyard connectors
  • Fabric energy absorber cover with Velcro fastener for improved protection and ease of inspection
  • Max-Span = Reduced effective length of energy absorber maximises the available working length of the lanyard legs when traversing

Part Number: 2003162