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IPAF Smart PAL Card Replacement

Replace your standard IPAF PAL Card for the new IPAF Smart PAL Card.


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Product number: IPAF_CARD|1261

If you already hold a valid IPAF PAL Card, you can upgrade to the new IPAF Smart PAL Card.
The IPAF Smart PAL Card and reader system can be used to verify if pre-use checks have been done.

Access to machines can be restricted - the MEWP can be set to only start if operators have a valid Smart PAL Card which proves they are trained for the appropriate machine category.
Smartcard systems can be integrated for industry-wide coverage.

How does the IPAF Smart PAL Card work?

The IPAF Smart PAL Card has the same data on it that is currently printed on the standard PAL Card. Additionally, this data is contained in a chip embedded in the card. The Data in the chip is read by a card reader fitted to the machine. The reader is setup to accept certain data which in turn will allow the machine to be operated. This data includes whether or not the cardholder (operator) is trained, and to what level / category. 
What happens if my card has been stolen or lost?

You can order your replacement card here, but the lost card should be reported to ensure the card is deactivated with IPAF. 
Where is the data kept and how can I be sure it's secure and not used by third parties?

Personal contact details are not contained within the card. The data on the card is limited to your name, operator number and categories trained.
IPAF and HSS Training will keep any personal data secure in line with data protection legislation. 
NOTE - Only cards issued by HSS Training can be upgraded to the Smart PAL card. Replacement cards can also be ordered here. If unsure, call 0845 766 7799.
To identify if an IPAF PAL Card is Smart or standard, look for the smart card logo on the front of the card. 
The replacement IPAF Smart PAL Card will be despatched within 72 hours of receipt of order.

The new IPAF Smart PAL Card will retain the expiry date of your original card.
The IPAF Smart PAL Card will continue to have security features, such as the cardholder's photo, signature and an IPAF Holographic logo.
An electronic logbook can be created for individual operators - showing which machines they have operated, for how long and where - and what familiarisations they have received.

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