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Industrial Gas & Gas Equipment, Safe Use and Operation Course - Experienced

Course providing practical training and assessment on the safe use and operation of industrial gas and gas equipment.


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Course Details

Product number: WEL_ING_E|SW10280

The aim of this course is to provide knowledge and understanding about the different types of common industrial gases, there uses and properties. The storage, handling and use of the cylinders is extensively covered and the various types of equipment will be discussed. The course will also look at health and safety, PPE and hazards. 

The course has a practical element that focuses on looking after, inspecting and using your gas equipment, along with how to correctly handle gas cylinders and Oxygen-Fuel gas equipment.
Theory Content:
Types of Industrial gases:
  • Gas properties
  • Gas hazards
  • Gas applications
  • Gas cylinders
  • Gas cylinder storage & handling
Gas Equipment, what different types are there?
  • Regulators
  • Hose
  • Safety devices
  • Torches

  • Review of PPE
  • Looking after your gas equipment
  • Pre shift/job inspections
  • Light up and shut down procedures
  • Multiple choice question written test

Practical Content:
  • Operation of gas equipment
  • Handling gas cylinders
  • Correct start up and shut down
  • Safety inspection
  • Cutting lines and curves in plate’s steel
  • Material heating

Delegates will be assessed on their competence by the instructor throughout the course.

This course is aimed at delegates who have used industrial gases and the associated equipment in the work place or in a site environment. This includes any delegates that, as part of their working duties, are going to use, handle or operate industrial gases, such as Argon, Oxygen, Propane or Acetylene and also use the associated equipment. 
Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a certificate of attendance.
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