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Highbay Racking - Access and Rescue

High Bay Racking Access and Rescue training course provides the knowledge and skills required to safely access high bay cranes and racking.


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Course Details

Product number: SPAN_HIGHBAY|SW10286

This course aims to provide delegates with an understanding of the use of personal fall arrest systems and work positioning techniques when accessing high bay racking and automated cranes. 

Delegates will receive training in the inspection, fit and adjustment of their personal fall protective equipment as well as how to safely gain access to automated cranes using a fixed guided type fall arrest system. 
Upon successful completion of the course delegates will be able to perform a rescue/evacuation of a suspended colleague to ground level. 
  • Legislation relating to work at height and it's effect on warehouse operations 
  • Categories for safe work at height and potential loads on equipment (Work Restraint, Work Position and Fall Arrest) 
  • Equipment standards and their relation to user demands/expectations 
  • Carry out pre-use inspections/checks of PFPE and understand it's importance 
  • Understand the value of rescue provisions when working at height
  • Be aware of the planning/selection of methods and correctly assess the suitability of equipment for given tasks 
  • Have an understanding of hazards that effecting work at height
  • Pre-use inspection, fitting and use of PFPE 
  • Access methods using fixed guided type fall arrest system 
  • Moving in racking - using double legged fall arrest lanyard and horizontal safety lines 
  • Evacuation and rescue of suspended casualty and implementation of rescue procedures (Gotcha Rescue System)  
Equipment covered during training 
  • Full body, work position harness
  • Example anchor devices (ATSL, HSL, etc.)
  • Double Legged Fall Arrest Lanyards
  • Fall Arrest Blocks
  • Permanently Guided Typed Fall Arresters
  • Work Position Lanyard and Harness
  • Gotcha Rescue Kit (SHARK,CRD,other)
Warehouse operators who intend to access high bay racking and automated cranes using personal fall arrest systems, and use work positioning techniques to carry out work at height.

Entry Requirements
All delegates must be able to certify that they are physically fit and have no medical conditions that might prevent them working at height (a list of conditions that could affect practical training and work at height are available on request)

Delegates must be 18 years or over
Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a digital certificate of attendance valid for 3 years. Paper certificate and photo ID card can be requested at an additional charge.

The height and exposure will be set out on the certification, but this is only to show what was included in the training. The height shown on the certification is not intended to limit the height at which the delegate can operate.
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