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Basic TIG Welding Training - Novice

Theory and practical training in the most commonly used welding process TIG for novice operators.


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Course Details

Product number: TIG_WELD_N|SW10282

The TIG welding process is the most commonly used in the welding industry and this course aims to provide delegates the knowledge and understanding of the operation of TIG welding as well as the safe use and handling of the equipment.
  • What is TIG Welding?
  • What are the consumables used?
  • What are the PPE & health & safety issues?
  • What are the various Weld Defects?

Theory covered during the course: 
  • Joints & weld positions
  • TIG welding
           – What is it?
           – What are the machines & applications?
           – How does it work?
  • Torches, clamps & lead
  • Welding rods & consumables
  • Welding PPE and site safety
  • Welding defects and how to avoid them
  • Written multiple choice assessment

Welding Practical
  • Production of Butt & Fillet Welds in positions to suit application and welder’s skill levels
  • Welding of different material to suit applications such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel - the primary focus will be Mild Steel
  • Skills training in the setup and operation of welding machines

This course is aimed at delegates who have little or no TIG welding experience and require additional skills and certification. The course provides the knowledge to understand the basics of the process.
Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a certificate of attendance.

An additional report by the instructor on the individual delegates can be provided on request.

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