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Powered Access Harness Kit
When working in powered access platforms, IPAF recommend that operators protect themselves using a work restraint system in addition to the safety rails that are built into the machine.

If an operator needs a work restaint system they should use a full body harness and short lanyard to limit movement.

• Spanset harnesses are adjustable at chest, shoulders and legs to fit a range of sizes - [ALL]
• Spanset EXCEL Harnesses have comfort padding and Quickloc buckles for ease of fitting - [EXCEL (Premium) only]
• Spanset rope lanyards can be adjusted to fit any basket size - [ALL]
• Spanset T-PAK adjustable lanyards can also be used to limit movement and prevent a fall - [EXCEL (Premium) only]
• Spanset lanyards have Autolock Karabiners for quick and secure anchorage to the basket - [ALL]
• CE Marked and independently tested to EN standards - [ALL]
• Individually serial numbered for traceability - [ALL]
• Supplied with individual certificate, clear instructions and inspection pocket card - [ALL]
Code SS001 SS002 SS003
Harness Type SPECTRE (Entry Level) EXCEL (Premium) XL (ATLAS)
Powered Access Harness Kit - SPECTRE Powered Access Harness Kit - EXCEL (Premium) Powered Access Harness Kit - ATLAS (Standard)
Harness Attachment Points Rear Only Front and Rear Front and Rear
Harness Size Small - Large Small - Large Medium - X-large
Lanyard Type Rope Adjustable Restraint Web Adjustable Fall Arrest Rope Adjustable Restraint
Lanyard Length 0.9 - 1.35m 1.3 - 2m 0.9 - 1.35m
Anchor Connector Type Autolock Karabiner Autolock Karabiner Autolock Karabiner
Harness Connector Type Screw Link Screw Link Screw Link
Price £59
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